We call it Friday Funday Cooking Club

I feel like I am a better parent because of our weekly potlucks. Not only because I’ve learned a lot from fellow parents, but also it’s a chance to unwind at the end of any crazy week. Sometime you just need an evening away from the normal routine to stay sane. And, yes, we enjoy adult beverages on most occasions. This is where it comes in handy to have great neighbors! Most of our group lives in the same neighborhood, so after a beer or two (or three) we walk home.

So, let’s get started. Our group is called the Friday Funday Cooking Club. The idea of informal potlucks is definitely not new. It’s easy. And, here are some tips for starting your own potluck group.

  • Start by getting a hold of your friends (and/or neighbors) and get a group going. Make it open to add more – this isn’t a high school clique thing.
  • Commit to a day and time each week. Sometimes it might not work for everyone, but that’s okay. Our group can change weekly.
  • Keep it casual. There are no dress codes. And if you’re hosting, there shouldn’t be any stress about the condition of your home. The goal, after all, is to have fun with friends. It must be a judgement-free zone.
  • Set a theme each week for your potluck and divide up the menu. I’ll be posting our themes (including recipes), so, by all means, please use our ideas! Typically we choose a region or style of cooking each week (for example: Italian, Cajun, BBQ, Thai, etc).
  • If you’re not hosting, try bringing your ingredients to the host house. It is much more fun to do the cooking together. It’s fine to bring prepared dishes. In some cases that makes more sense.
  • Don’t forget the munchkins! When possible we plan an activity for the kids. It can be as simple as dollar store bubbles or a board game. This helps entertain them while the grown ups cook.

Now get out there and start your group! Stay tuned for our weekly potluck posts. We’d love to have you join in on our theme each week. Cheers!


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