The goal of JazPazazz is to inspire people, especially families, to gather with their friends and neighbors and create delicious food, together. It’s a weekly potluck play date. For me, food is best when it’s shared with other people. I also want to encourage the cooks at home to get outside their kitchen comfort zone and try new exciting food.

The inspiration for JazPazazz came from play dates with my two boys and my neighbors kids. It evolved into a weekly cooking club. Each week the kids play and the grown ups cook. But it’s much more than that. It’s a time to have conversations with other adults. It’s a time to compare parenting notes and vent parenting struggles. It’s a time motivate and support friends through highs and lows. After all, kids aren’t the only ones that need play dates with their peers.┬áMy passion is cooking and entertaining, and I’ve been doing it my entire life.